An Object Event Simulation (OES) example model. You can download and inspect its code from the OES GitHub repo.

Lemonade-Stand-2
A Model of a Manufacturing Company in a Monopoly Market Dominated by Weather Conditions

A lemonade seller makes lemonade in pitchers and sells it in paper cups at a stand in a street market. Each day consists of the following process steps and phases:

  1. The day starts at 8 am with making planning decisions (demand forecasting based on the weather forecast, production planning and sales price planning) and ordering the input materials (lemons, sugar, etc.) required for production and for refilling the inventory.
  2. While the ordered ice cubes will be delivered within two hours, the other items may be delivered later on that day or on the next day.
  3. At 11 am, the planned quantity of lemonade is produced and the stand is opened.
  4. Then, customers arrive randomly and order a cup of lemonade. The nicer the weather is, the more customers show up. As long as there is still lemonade in stock, customer orders are served.
  5. At the end of the day, the lemonade stand is closed and the remaining lemonade and expired inventory items are dumped.

Default scenario

The default scenario runs for 40 days.

Simulation Log
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