An Object Event Simulation (OES) example model. You can download and inspect its code from the OES GitHub repo.
Process Design Model

Make-and-Deliver-Pizza-AN-1

The Make-and-Deliver-Pizza-AN-1 activity network model consists of the object types "OrderTaker" and "PizzaMaker", the event type/node "OrderCall", and the activity types/nodes "TakeOrder", "MakePizza" and "DeliverPizza". It's dynamics is described by the DPMN process diagram on the right.

Default scenario

The default scenario has 2 order takers (with IDs 1 and 2), 6 pizza makers (with IDs 11–16), 3 ovens, and 10 delivery scooters.

Simulation Log
StepTimeCurrent EventsSystem StateFuture Events