An Object Event Simulation (OES) example model. You can download and inspect its code from the OES GitHub repo.
Process Design Model


A diagnostic department of a hospital performs electrocardiography (ECG) and ultrasound scans (US).

The Diagnostic-Department-1 processing network model consists of the resource object types "EcgTechnician" and "Doctor", the entry node "patientEntry", the processing nodes "ecgSpot/PerformECG" and "usBed/PerformUsScan", and an exit node. It's dynamics is described by the DPMN process diagram shown above.

Default scenario

The default scenario has two processing nodes ("ECG spot / perform ECG" and "US bed / perform US scan"), each with a processing capacity of 3, 3 ECG technicians (with IDs 1-3), 3 ECG machines, and 3 doctors (with IDs 11–13).

Simulation Log
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