4.4. AnyLogic Concepts and Terminology

An AnyLogic model consists of

  1. one or more models called "top-level agents",
  2. one or more experiments bound to a model (top-level agent") and being of one of the following types: "Simulation", "Optimization", "Parameter Variation", ...

Functionality Issues

There is no support for simulation scenarios

AnyLogic does not distinguish between the concepts of simulation model and simulation scenario. In [], model variants are called "scenarios".

Terminological and User Interface Issues

A simulation model is created and stored as a "top-level agent" that is, by default, called "Main".

Using the term "block" for "building block" is a strange terminology choice. Better use "element" for "modeling element".

In the settings of a Service element, the distinction between "(alternative) resource sets" and "units of the same pool" is confusing. The setting "(alternative) resource sets" allows defining (1) more than one type of resource (from different pools), and (2) alternative resource pools.