A Cellular Automata Model for the Problem of Spreading Gossip Back to simulation

Classification tags: Cellular Automata model, fixed-increment time progression.


The Gossip Model is a Cellular Automata model, using the concept of N/E/S/W-neighbourhood (also called von Neumann neighbourhood) where a grid cell has 4 neighbours.

Information Model

An integer grid has been chosen as the space model. Grid cells have either the value 0, representing a cell that has not yet received the gossip, or the value 1, representing a cell that has received the gossip.

Process Model

The model is based on two rules:

  1. If the cell is in state 0, and it has one or more neighbours in state 1, then for each of them, change the cell's state to 1 with some probability, otherwise leave it at 0.
  2. If the cell is in state 1, it remains in that state.

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