OES JavaScript Core 1 Simulator Download

The OESjs Core 1 simulator implements an architecture for Object Event Simulation (OES), extending the OESjs Core 0 simulator by adding fixed-increment time progression, a seedable random number generator, a set of sampling functions from various probability distributions (uniform, triangular, normal, exponential, etc.), multiple scenarios per model, multiple experiment types per model, model parameters, parameter variation experiments, as well as persistent storage and export of experiment results.

You can inspect the code in the OES GitHub repo.

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Simulation Examples


A model with two event types (CustomerArrival and CustomerDeparture) and two object types (ServiceDesk and Customer). The waiting line is explicitly represented as a queue of individual customer objects.


A model with two event types (DailyDemand and Delivery) and one object type (SingleProductShop). This example also offers two parameter variation experiments.


A model with three event types (PartArrival, ProcessingStart and ProcessingEnd) and one object type (WorkStation).


A model of a lemonade stand as a manufacturing company.


OESjs Core 1 is using: