An Object Event Simulation (OES) example model. You can download and inspect its code from the OES GitHub repo.
Process Design Model

Forklift-Transport-1

In a forklift transport operation, incoming products of different types are hauled from an arrival area to a destination area. There are different types of operators and each of them can only handle specific types of forklifts, which, in turn, can only transport specific types of products. This modeling problem has been posted by Noorjax Consulting as their AnyLogic Contest #2.

The Forklift-Transport-1 model, which is described by the DPMN Activity Network diagram to the right, solves this problem. See also Forklift-Transport-2 for a superior solution.

Default scenario

The default scenario has 4 forklifts and 6 operators.

Simulation Log
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