Discrete Event Simulation Engineering

How to design discrete event simulations with DPMN and implement them with OESjs, Simio or AnyLogic
Gerd Wagner G.Wagner@b-tu.de

Copyright © 2021-2022 Gerd Wagner

Draft version, published 2022-12-06.



This book explains how to design discrete event simulations with the help of the Discrete Event Process Modeling Notation (DPMN) and how to implement DPMN models with the JavaScript library OESjs as well as with the Discrete Even Simulation (DES) frameworks Simio and AnyLogic. DPMN is based on the Object Event Modeling and Simulation (OEM&S) paradigm, representing a general DES approach based on Object-Oriented Modeling and Event Scheduling.

Essentially, DPMN has been developed by incrementally extending Event Graphs by adding increasingly high-level modeling concepts. In the first step, we add the concept of objects, resulting in Object Event Graphs. In the second step, we add the concept of (resource-constrained) activities, resulting in the Activity Network modeling language DPMN-A. In the third step, we add the concept of processing activities, resulting in the Processing Network modeling language DPMN-PN.

This book has a companion: Business Process Modeling and Simulation with DPMN, with which it has a large overlap.

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