OES JavaScript Core 3 Simulator

The OESjs Core 3 simulator implements an architecture for Object Event Simulation (OES) that extends the OESjs Core 2 simulator by adding support for GPSS/SIMAN/Arena-style Processing Networks (PNs).

You can inspect the code in the OES GitHub repo.

Simulation Examples


TThis minimal Processing Network model consists of three nodes: an entry node where customers arrive, a processing node where service activities are performed on customers, and an exit node where customers depart. These nodes are connected with processing flow arrows combining event/activity scheduling with object flow.


Compare this with the Activity Network model Make-and-Deliver-Pizza-AN-1.


A diagnostic department of a hospital performs electrocardiography (ECG) and ultrasound scans (US).


While in Diagnostic-Department-1 "perform ECG" and "perform US" are modeled as two processing nodes ("servers") that subsume all secondary activities as implicit factors, we now model all relevant activities explicitly, no longer using processing nodes, but rather processing activity nodes.


OESjs Core 3 is using: